Leading a Lean Culture Virtual Masterclass

15-19 March 2021 / online

Join Mike Hoseus and a small group of Lean leaders and learn to manage people and processes.


"Great content with a high degree of application. Hands-on working examples from a variety of successful organizations."


"Excellent opportunity to learn, benchmark and collaborate with peers. Real discussions without
sales pitches."


"Excellent, well organized, infusion of best practices & cutting-edge examples. Very interesting group discussions with inspiring content."

Virtual Masterclass Priorities:

Developing Lean Leaders and Capabilites

Implementing High Impact Lean Tools and Processes

Embedding Lean Thinking Into Daily Operations Across All Functions

Sustaining A Lean Culture Which Transforms Business Results

Learn How The Toyota Production System Delivers Real Business Improvement

Module 1

The Lean Leadership System (Purpose)

Module 4

The Lean Management System (Problem Solving)

Module 2

The Lean Work System (Process)

Module 5

The Lean Management System (Hoshin Kanri & Daily Management)

Module 3

The Lean Development System (People)

Module 6

Action Plan and Steps Forward (Leader Standard Work)

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“Very informative! A clear message was delivered and tours complimented the classroom content well.”


"The best session I've ever had - very impactful, full and rewarding!"


"The presentations and discussions get to the heart of the issues and give you clear and actionable direction."

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