Leading a Lean Culture

29th January 2019 / London, UK

Join a small group of leaders in operations and lean to tackle some of today's biggest challenges in lean leadership.


"Great content with a high degree of application. Hands-on working examples from a variety of successful organizations."


"Excellent opportunity to learn, benchmark and collaborate with peers. Real discussions without
sales pitches."


"Excellent, well organized, infusion of best practices & cutting-edge examples. Very interesting group discussions with inspiring content."

Round Table Theme:

Leading a Lean Culture

How can we enable the business to be more people driven through changing culture and behaviour?
How can we leverage new trends and technologies by setting up the right business environment?
How can we align internal stakeholder for accelerated change and progress across the enterprise?


Identifying gaps in your organisation’s leadership, technical and human systems


Developing lean leaders from within your organisation


Driving a holistic transformation with full engagement
united technologies

“Very informative! A clear message was delivered and tours complimented the classroom content well.”


"The best session I've ever had - very impactful, full and rewarding!"


"The presentations and discussions get to the heart of the issues and give you clear and actionable direction."

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